What’s the Weather?


Found 80’s television set

30x 30in 

The global media has the responsibility to inform, and the power to decide what is and is not in the international conversation. Global warming is an issue that demands to be a constant and significant part of that conversation, today, the media only covers a minimal amount of Climate Change related stories.

That odd contradiction is on display again, in the wake of an announcement by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that a future of floods, droughts, wildfires and typhoons isn’t distant anymore, but as little as 12 years away. Unless we act dramatically and fast, the report says, by 2030 temperatures will have risen to 2.7º F (1.5º C) above the average of the pre-industrial era. The threshold that has long been cited as the tipping point for calamity. And while the announcement has been reported widely, the media continues to flood the people with distractions.